Dissolution of the NIABT – Update

At its meeting on 13th November 2017 the Board of Trustees agreed a proposal that the NIABT be dissolved, with the membership voting to dissolve the Trust at the AGM on 13th December 2017. This decision was agreed in the context that the Northern Ireland Assembly is committed to developing a new programme of work to engage business. At subsequent Board Meetings, Board Members discussed options for the disbursement of NIABT funds and unanimously voted that any decision of how the funds should be disbursed would be put on hold until the political situation is clearer.

The DS01 form has been sent to Companies House for striking off the Company. All Members and Trustees have now been informed that this process has begun. The Trust will receive a letter from Companies House that the form has been correctly completed and a notice will be published in the local Gazette. If there are no objections the company will be struck of the register once the 2 months mentioned in the notice has passed.

A second notice will be published in the Gazette and at this point the company will not legally exist anymore (it will have been dissolved).