Dissolution of the NIABT

The NIABT Board of Trustees held a strategic planning day in June 2016 to discuss the ongoing work and future goals of the NIABT. One outcome from the planning day was to review the efficiency of the work being undertaken by the Trust with a view to increasing its impact on members as well as the wider business community in Northern Ireland.

Following the review, reform proposals were presented to the NIABT Board outlining how the Trust’s aims and objectives could be better served and better delivered.

At its meeting on 13th November 2017 the Board of Trustees agreed a proposal that the NIABT be dissolved, with the membership voting to dissolve the Trust at the AGM on 13th December 2017. This decision was agreed in the context that the Northern Ireland Assembly is committed to developing a new programme of work entitled the Northern Ireland Assembly Business Network (ABN).

At the AGM members also voted on how the funds should be disbursed in line with the articles of the Trust.

The Board considered the options at its meeting on Wednesday 19th February 2018 and unanimously voted that any decision of how the funds should be disbursed would be put on hold until the political situation is clearer. It met again on 19th September 2018 and again unanimously voted that decision be postponed. The Board will meet again in February 2019 (unless the political situation is resolved sooner) to assess the situation.