• 2016 NIABT President’s Dinner
    NIABT Board Members photographed with the Chinese Consul General at 2016 NIABT President’s Dinner
  • Claire Sugden MLA pictured with Ian Donaghey, Causeway Chamber President and other members of the Ch
    Claire Sugden MLA pictured with Ian Donaghey, Causeway Chamber President and other members of the Chamber
  • Claire Sugden MLA visits Exorna for NIABT fellowship
    Willie Oliver from Exorna hosted Claire Sugden at an NIABT fellowship visit at his Coleraine factory on 29th January 2016.
  • NIABT Brexit Debate
    On Monday 16th November 2015, the NIABT, in partnership with QUB, held the second of a two part event focusing on the upcoming EU Referendum and how this is likely to impact on Northern Ireland.
  • NIABT delegation visits Cardiff and Swansea
    NIABT delegation visits Cardiff and Swansea as part of an educational programme in Wales.

Welcome to the NIABT website

The Northern Ireland Assembly and Business Trust (NIABT) works to forge links with and promote the exchange of knowledge between local businesses and parliamentarians in Northern Ireland and in Europe. Open to businesses from all sectors and of all sizes, the NIABT organises activities including briefings, educational visits, fellowships and seminars and annual programmes in the Houses of the Oireachtas, Westminster and Europe.

Dissolution of the NIABT

At its meeting on 13th November 2017 the Board of Trustees agreed a proposal that the NIABT be dissolved, with the membership voting to dissolve the Trust at the AGM on 13th December 2017. This decision was agreed in the context that the Northern Ireland Assembly is committed to developing a new programme of work to engage business. At subsequent Board Meetings, Board Members discussed options for the disbursement of NIABT funds and unanimously voted that any decision of how the funds should be disbursed would be put on hold until the political situation is clearer. Given the resumption of the Assembly the Board will meet on 22nd January 2020 to further this discussion.

During this time the Northern Ireland Assembly has been developing its Corporate Plan which contains reference to the establishment of the Northern Ireland Assembly Business Network. Work on its development will continue in tandem with the dissolution of the Trust, ensuring continuity of the relationship between business and the Assembly established by the NIABT.