Present:                  See attached list

  1. Adoption of Minutes of the 2013 AGM

The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting were agreed by the members as a true record of the meeting.

Proposed:       Phil Flanagan MLA
Seconded:      Dr Joanne Stuart OBE

  1. Election of Board of Trustees

Under the NIABT Articles of Association there is a requirement to annually rotate the Trustees of the NIABT Board.

Glyn Roberts from NIIRTA and Tara Whaley from BT retired from the Board of Trustees. Michael Bell from NIFDA and Dr Joanne Stuart OBE from Attrus Ltd also retired but re-nominated for a position on the Board. Four non-Parliamentarians were elected to the Board of Trustees by postal vote, in advance of the AGM:

  • Dr Joanne Stuart OBE Attrus Ltd
  • Michael Bell NIFDA
  • Chris Brown MCE PR
  • Stephen Kelly Manufacturing NI

The President also declared that the Board wished to have trade union representation on the Board and John O’Farrell from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions was nominated to fulfill this role as a co-optee.

Proposed:       Stephen Kelly
Seconded:      Phil Flanagan MLA

In addition, one Parliamentarian Member was elected to the Board of Trustees. Claire Sugden MLA has been nominated to represent the smaller Parties and Independent Member.

Proposed:       Leslie Cree MBE MLA
Seconded:      Paul Girvan MLA

The President confirmed the new Board of Trustees as follows:

Judith Cochrane MLA              Alliance Party
Leslie Cree MBE MLA              UUP
Phil Flanagan MLA                    Sinn Fein
Alban Maginness MLA            SDLP
Robin Newton MLA                 DUP
Claire Sugden MLA                 Independent
John Stewart                              Director of Information and Outreach
Michael Bell                                Northern Ireland Food and Drink association
Chris Brown                             MCE PR
Alan Dickson                           PricewaterhouseCoopers
Prof The Hon James Haughey        Norbrook Laboratories
Stephen Kelly                          Manufacturing NI
John Rooney                           Rooney Fish
Joanne Stuart                          Attrus Ltd


John O’Farrell                          Irish Congress of Trade Unions

  1. NIABT Accounts 2012/2013

A copy of the Trustee’s Report and accounts balance sheet for 2012-2013 was made available to each member for scrutiny. The President invited David Gray from RSM McClure Watters to present the detail of the Accounts. The President noted that the Board had approved the content of the Accounts at a Board meeting on 30 September 2013.

Proposed:       Phil Flanagan MLA
Seconded:      John O’Farrell

It was proposed that RSM McClure Watters be retained as Auditor / Accountant.

Proposed:       Dr Joanne Stuart OBE
Seconded:      Alan Dickson

  1. AOB

On conclusion of the formalities of the Annual General Meeting, the President welcomed Alastair Hamilton, CEO of Invest NI to deliver a briefing on Invest NI’s end of year results for 2013-14.

Attendance Breakdown


Speaker William Hay MLA           NIABT President
Leslie Cree MBE MLA                    NIABT Board
Phil Flanagan MLA                           NIABT Chair
Judith Cochrane MLA                    NIABT Board
Paul Girvan MLA
Sandra Overend MLA
Bob Barbour                                       Centre for Competitiveness
Michael Bell                                        NIFDA, NIABT Board
Gráinne Browne                              BT
Chris Brown                                       MCE PR
Timothy Brundle                             Innovation Ulster Ltd
Victoria Clark                                   ASG
Alan Dickson                                    PwC, NIABT Board
Haley Dunne                                    Bombardier Aerospace
Peter Edgar                                      NI Science Park
Ash Farag                                          Global Services
Julie Galbraith                               C & H Jefferson Solicitors
David Gray                                      RSM McClure Watters
Alastair Hamilton                        Invest NI
Prof The Honourable James Haughey    Norbrook Laboratories, NIABT Board
Jean Hoey                                         BT
Joan Houston                                 Begbies Traynor
Melanie Humphrey                    Mallusk Enterprise Park Ltd
Euan Isles                                        Deloitte MCS Limited
Mari Jackson                                Casa Lola
Stephen Kelly                              Manufacturing NI
Kieron Kent                                  Interim Selling Solutions
Ian Lowry                                       Lowry Bros Ltd
Valerie Ludlow                          ASG
Ian J MacCorkell                      MacCorkell Legal & Commercial Limited
Joe McDonald                           Asda
Anton McGonnell                   BT
Alec McRitchie                         Bombardier Aerospace
Wilfred Mitchell                       Federation of Small Businesses
Colin Neill                                    Pubs of Ulster
John O’Farrell                           ICTU, NIABT Board
Roger Pollen                              Federation of Small Businesses
John Simpson                            Business Analysis
Dr Joanne Stuart OBE         Attrus Ltd, NIABT Vice Chair
Kathryn Thomson                  NITB
Rodney White                          GR White & Son Ltd
William Wright                         Wrightbus, NIABT Patron
Louise Close                              NIABT Deputy Secretary
Ivor Gibson                                NIABT Co-ordinator
Trevor Reaney                        NIA Chief Executive and Clerk
John Stewart                           Director of Information and Outreach