Minutes of Proceedings – 27 April 2020

NIABT Board of Trustees Meeting
Monday 27th April 2020, 3pm
Remotely via Zoom Meeting


Caoimhe Archibald MLA, Chairperson

Stephen Kelly, Manufacturing NI, Vice Chairperson

Chris Brown, Brown O’Connor Communications

Noel Brady, Consult NB1 Ltd

John O’Farrell, ICTU

Norah-Anne Barron, PI Communications

Nicola Bothwell, NB Chartered Communications

Roy Beggs MLA

Jonathan Buckley MLA

Clare Bailey MLA

Gareth McGrath, NI Assembly


In Attendance:

Simon Burrowes, Secretary

Louise Close, Deputy Secretary


Simon Burrowes opened the meeting at 15:06


1. Apologies:

  • None.


2. Declaration of Interests

  • None.


3. Nomination of Chairperson

  • The Secretary informed the Board that the Parliamentarian MLA voted by the Parliamentarian Board Members to the role of Chairperson was Caoimhe Archibald MLA.  The Board welcomed Caoimhe to the Chair.
  • Caoimhe thanked the former Chairperson Conor Murphy MLA for all his hard work in the role and advised that a letter of thanks would be issued to him.


4. Adoption of Previous Minutes

  • The Board agreed that the contents of the minutes of the previous meeting in January 2020 were a true and accurate record of proceedings.
  • The Chairperson reported that Trevor Lunn MLA would no longer be representing Alliance on the Board following his resignation from the party.  The party have been asked to nominate a replacement.
  • The Chairperson also reported that Clare Bailey MLA was to step down as the representative of the smaller parties and independents; a letter will be issued to this grouping to seek a replacement.
  • The Chairperson thanked Trevor and Clare for their work and support on the Board and asked that a letter of thanks be issued to them.


5. AGM

  • Postpone or hold Virtually
  • The Chairperson outlined the options for the AGM as per the Solicitors advice.
  • The Board agreed that the AGM should go ahead as planned and be held remotely using video conferencing.

Gareth McGrath joined the meeting at 15:14

  • Nomination of Members
  • The Chairperson outlined the legal advice in relation to the re-nomination of current Board Members.
  • It was agreed that the Board will seek, by Special Resolution at the next AGM, that no elections take place and that all current Board Members stay on the Board for one year. The Secretary will confirm with the solicitor that this does not contravene the Articles of Association.


6. NIABT Research Specification and Regional Events

  • Louise gave the Board an update on the position of the research specification and scoping information on costings and possible venues for regional events.
  • The Board agreed that Stephen and Chris should review the research specification prepared by RAISE and ensure that it clearly reflects the needs of the business community.
  • It was also agreed not to make any decision regarding regional events until the public health situation and associated restrictions become clearer.


7. Financial Update

  • At the end of the 2019/20 financial year the balance in the Trust bank account was £23,428.31.


8. Any Other Business

  • The Chairperson informed the Board that a condolence card had been sent, on behalf of the Board to the family of past NIABT Board Member, John Rooney, who had sadly passed away earlier this year.
  • The Chairperson also informed the Board that Companies House came back to the accountants and advised that they had received the accounts on time and that the fault was at their end. No penalties were incurred and the accounts are shown on the Companies House website as having been received.


9. Date of Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be the AGM, provisionally scheduled for Thursday 4th June 2020 at 3:00pm via Zoom.