Minutes of Proceedings – 22 January 2020

NIABT Board of Trustees Meeting
Wednesday 22nd January 2020, 4pm
Room 115


Conor Murphy MLA, Chair

Stephen Kelly, Manufacturing NI, Vice Chair

Chris Brown, Brown O’Connor Communications

Noel Brady, Consult NB1 Ltd

John O’Farrell, ICTU

Roy Beggs MLA

Jonathan Buckley MLA

Claire Bailey MLA


In Attendance:

Simon Burrowes, Secretary

Louise Close, Deputy Secretary


1. Apologies:

  • Apologies were received from:
    • Norah-Anne Barron
    • Nicola Bothwell
    • Gareth McGrath


2. Declaration of Interests

  • None.


3. Nomination of Secretary/Deputy Secretary

  • The Board agreed that Simon Burrowes continue as Secretary and that Louise Close resume the role of Deputy Secretary. The Board also recorded its thanks to Nick Mitford for performing the role of Deputy Secretary throughout 2019.


4. Update on Role of Chair

  • The Board agreed that Conor Murphy MLA, who was recently appointed as Finance Minister, should retain the post of Chair until the actions relating to the dissolution of the Trust and disbursement of funds are agreed.


5. Adoption of previous minutes:

  • The Board agreed that the contents of the minutes of the previous meeting in September 2019 were a true and accurate record of proceedings.


6. Northern Ireland Assembly Corporate Plan

  • The Chair highlighted the section within the Assembly Commission’s Corporate Plan that detailed its commitment to engaging with business after the dissolution of the NIABT. The Board agreed that development of an Assembly business network will continue in tandem with the dissolution of the Trust, ensuring continuity of the relationship between business and the Assembly.


7. Options for the disbursement of funds

  • Following a discussion, the Board unanimously agreed that, given the resumption of normal Assembly business, the time was right to agree how the funds should be disbursed.
  • After further discussion, the Board agreed that the funds should be used for a series of events to launch the new business network and to conduct a major piece of research co-designed between business and the Assembly.

    Action: To establish a working group, including Stephen Kelly, Chris Brown, Committee Clerks and representatives from Assembly Research, to develop terms of reference for a piece of research.

    Action: Louise Close to develop a paper to look at the costs of hosting a number of regional events to launch the business network. 


8. AGM

  • Following discussion, it was agreed the date of the AGM, which must be held no later than 6 June 2020, will be set at the next meeting.


9. Financial Update

  • The current balance stands at £24,232.30 


10, Charity Commission and Companies House

  • Correspondence was received from the Charity Commission and Companies House.
  • All required actions have been completed for the Charity Commission.
  • Companies House had incorrectly stated that the NIABT’s accounts were submitted late. This was not the case and the accountants are currently resolving the issue with Companies House.


11. Immediate Event

  • The Board agreed to host a business briefing ‘New Decade, New Assembly’ on Monday 10th February at 1pm.

    Action: Louise Close to arrange the briefing.


12. Any Other Business

  • None.