Northern Ireland Assembly and Business Trust Annual General Meeting – 2002/03 reconvened

Held on Thursday 29 June 2006 Room 135 Parliament Buildings

Mr S Neeson (Chairman); Mr A Hanna (BTNI);
Dr I McCabrey (Mivan); Mr A McRitchie (Bombardier Aerospace); Mr D Ford (MLA); Mr J Leslie (Trustee);
Mr D McClarty (MLA); Dr A McDonnell (MLA);
Mr J Reynolds (Trustee).

In Attendance:
Mr M McAllister, McClure Watters;
Mr H Widdis, Assembly Legal Advisor;
Ms S McClelland, Assembly support;
Mr K Bruce, Assembly support.

Mr H Allan (W&G Baird); Ms N Beare (MLA); Ms E Bell (Speaker); Dr T Campbell, (Moy Park Ltd); Mr J Dallat (MLA); Mr M Ennis, (Airtricity); Mr S Gardiner (MLA);
Mr D.A. Graham,(Fane Valley Co-operative Society Ltd); Mr C Grudgings, (Lafarge Cement Ireland); Ms P Lewsley (MLA); Dr W McCrea (MLA); Mr A McFarland (MLA); Ms P McKeown (Unison); Mr M McKerr (Ernst & Young); Mr D McNarry (MLA); Dr D O’ Hagan (Trustee);
Mr I Paisley Jnr, (Trustee); Mr J Shannon (MLA); Ms M Woods, (Boots the Chemist plc); Mr W Wright, (Wright Group Ltd.)

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the attendees and outlining the business to be conducted.

It was proposed and agreed that:

Outstanding items of business from the 2002/03 AGM would be concluded;
Papers and accounts for the financial years 2003/04,2004/05 and 2005/06
would be considered and;
The draft motions setting out two options on how the company should proceed be debated.

4.0 Election of Board of Trustees

It was resolved that the following Trustees nominated for retirement in 2002/03 be re-elected:

James Leslie
Trefor Campbell
Joseph Reynolds
Dairmuid McGarry
Alec McRitchie

This was proposed by Mr McClarty, seconded by Mr Reynolds and AGREED unanimously.

5.0 Any Other Business

There was no other business.

Meeting closed at 12.10 p.m.