NIABT Board of Trustees Meeting Wednesday 19th September 2018

Conor Murphy MLA             Chair
Stephen Kelly                           Manufacturing NI, Vice Chair
Norah- Anne Barron            Pi Communications
Roy Beggs MLA
Trevor Lunn MLA

In Attendance:
Simon Burrowes
Louise Close                         Deputy Secretary

Chris Brown                          Brown O’Connor Communications
Noel Brady                            Consult NB1 Ltd
Nicola Bothwell                  NB Chartered Communications
Gareth McGrath                 Director of Parliamentary Service
Clare Bailey MLA

1. Apologies:

  • Apologies were received from:
    • Sinead Bradley
    • Chris Brown
    • Noel Brady
    • Clare Bailey
    • Nicola Bothwell
    • Gareth McGrath

2. Declaration of Interests

  • None.

3. Adoption of previous minutes:

  • Agreed: The Board agreed to the contents of the minutes of the previous meeting.

Proposer: Stephen Kelly                Seconder: Norah-Anne Barron

4. Options for Disbursement of Remaining Funds

  • Board Members discussed the disbursement of NIABT funds and whether the decision should continue to be put on hold until the political situation is clearer.
  • Roy Beggs MLA stated that he would like local government to be included in the survey when it is conducted.
  • Following a discussion, the Board unanimously voted that any decision of how the funds should be disbursed should remain on hold until the political situation is clearer.
  • Norah-Anne Barron thanked the NIABT staff for the work done to date on the disbursement options.
  • The Board agreed to meet again in February 2019 (unless the political situation is resolved sooner) to assess the situation.
  • Agreed: The Board agreed to issue a message to members informing them that a decision will not be made until the political situation is clearer.

5. Financial Update

  • The current balance stands at £27,695.


  • Advice was taken from a solicitor on the development of a privacy notice for the NIABT in line with GDPR.
  • This privacy notice has now been issued to all business members.

7. Audit 17/18

  • The draft audit report has been issue to all members.
  • Roy Beggs MLA stated that an amendment to page 2 of the report was required on why the Trust was dissolved.
  • Members were content to approve the report.

8. AGM 2018/19

  • Members agreed to postpone the AGM until w/c 13th March 2019.
  • A decision on electing a new Board will be taken during the next Board meeting.

9. Any Other Business

  • No other business.
  • The next meeting will place in February 2019.