Annual General Meeting Wednesday 10 December 2008

The meeting took place at 6.15pm in the Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings

Mr. S. Neeson MLA, Ms. Gwynneth Cockcroft, Davidson Cockcroft, Mr. W. Hay MLA, Speaker, Mr. C. Johnston, MCE PR, Ms. J. McCann MLA, Mr. D. O’Loan MLA,
Mr. D. Kennedy MLA, Mr. G. Roberts, NI Independent Trade and Retail Association,
Mr. J. Rooney, Rooney Fish, Mr. B. Turley, As It Is Consulting, Mr. A. McRitchie, Bombardier Aerospace, Mr. B. Moreland, Moy Park, Mr. W. Wright, Wrightbus Ltd.,
Mr. M. Rentmeister, Mesh Technologies

In Attendance:
Ms. S. McClelland, Assembly Secretariat, Dr. G. McGrath, Assembly Secretariat,
Ms. K. McCullough, Assembly Secretariat, Ms. J. Murdoch, Assembly Secretariat,
Mr. David Ford MLA.

Mr. G. Adams MLA, Mr. A. Bresland MLA, Mr. L. Cree MLA, Ms. C. Hanna MLA,
Mr. D. Hilditch MLA, Ms. A, Lo MLA, Ms. N. Long MLA, Mr. J. McCallister MLA,
Mr. Fra McCann MLA, Ms. D. Purvis MLA, Mr. J. Shannon MLA, Ms. J. Woods, Alliance Boots, Lord Rana, Andras House Ltd., Mr. B. Carlin, Belfast International Airport,
Mr. T. Carson, BT NI, Mr. M. Lorimer, Chambers Coach Hire, Mr. A. Langan, Enterprise Equity Fund, Mr. K. Houston, HCL BPO, Mr. M. Walker, Hilton NI, Mr. J. Brown, James Brown Funeral Services, Ms. J. Tracey, Londonderry Chamber of Commerce,
Ms. M Humphrey, Mallusk Enterprise Park, Dr. I. McCabrey, Mivan Ltd.,
Ms. P. McKeown, NI-ICTU, Ms. R. Gibson, Northern Bank, Ms. B. Roulston, Royal Mail.

1. Audit Report

A copy of the accounts balance sheet for 2007-2008 was made available to each member for scrutiny. The Company Secretary, Sheila McClelland, reported the Northern Ireland Assembly and Business Trust to be financially solvent. It was noted that this healthy financial balance was due to the Trust emerging from ‘warm storage’ and that it was important to attract new contributions to keep the charity financially solvent.

It was proposed that FGS McClure Watters be retained as Auditor / Accountant. This motion was agreed by the Members present .

2. Adopt Minutes 2006-2007

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting for 2006-2007 were agreed by the members as a true record of the meeting.

3. Election of Board of Trustees

It was unanimously agreed by the members that the following be elected to the Board of Trustees for 2008-2009 (agreed by a show of hands):

Mr. Sean Neeson MLA Alliance Party
Mr. Alec McRitchie Bombardier Aerospace
Mr. John Rooney Rooney Fish
Mr. Glyn Roberts NI Independent Retail Trade Association
Mr. Leslie Cree MLA UUP
Ms. Dawn Purvis MLA PUP

4. AOB