Annual General Meeting 20 September 2016


Present: See attached list

1. Adoption of Minutes of the 2015 AGM

The NIABT President presided over the AGM formalities.

The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting were agreed by the members as a true record of the meeting.

Proposed: Stephen Kelly
Seconded: Wilfred Mitchell OBE

2. Election of Board of Trustees

Under the NIABT Articles of Association there is a requirement to rotate the Trustees of the NIABT Board.

The President noted that all Parliamentarian Trustee positions had been vacated after the Assembly election on 5th May 2016. The following MLAs were nominated to fill those vacancies at the NIABT Board meeting of 20th June 2016.

  • Clare Bailey MLA Green Party
  • Roy Beggs MLA UUP
  • Jonathan Bell MLA DUP
  • Sinead Bradley MLA SDLP
  • Trevor Lunn MLA Alliance
  • Conor Murphy MLA Sinn Féin

The President noted that the Parliamentarian Trustees required to be formally elected to the Board at the AGM.

Proposed: Dr Joanne Stuart OBE
Seconded: Barry Turley

The President noted that the non-Parliamentarian Trustees did not require re-election for the 2016-17 year.

The President confirmed the Board of Trustees as follows:

Clare Bailey, MLA Green Party
Roy Beggs, MLA UUP
Jonathan Bell, MLA DUP
Sinéad Bradley, MLA SDLP
Trevor Lunn, MLA Alliance
Conor Murphy, MLA Sinn Féin

Dr Gareth McGrath, NIA Director of Parliamentary Services

Norah Ann Barron, Pi Communications
Michael Bell, NI Food & Drink Association
Noel Brady, Consult Nb1 Limited
Nicola Bothwell, NB Chartered Communications
Chris Brown, MCE Public Relations
Stephen Kelly, Manufacturing NI
Barry Turley, Turley PR and Public Affairs

John O’Farrell, NI-ICTU
Richard Stewart, NIA Director of Corporate Services

The President noted that both Jonathan Bell MLA and Conor Murphy MLA had each received an equal number of votes for the position of NIABT Chairperson and that, at the Board meeting on 20th September 2016, it had been agreed that Mr Bell would take the Chair for 2016/17; and Mr Murphy for 2017/18.

The President congratulated both gentlemen on their successful election and wished them well.

3. NIABT Accounts 2014/2015

A copy of the Trustee’s Report and accounts balance sheet for 2014-2015 was made available to each member for scrutiny. The President noted that the Board had approved the content of the Accounts after their presentation by a representative of RSM McClure Watters at its Board meeting on 28th September 2015.

Proposed: Dr Joanne Stuart OBE
Seconded: Barry Turley

It was proposed that RSM McClure Watters be retained as Auditor / Accountant.

Proposed: John Rooney
Seconded: Barry Turley

4. AOB

On conclusion of the formalities of the Annual General Meeting, the President noted that the Head of Communications and Engagement, Maeve Donnelly, had been nominated as NIABT Secretary on 20 September 2016 by the Board of Trustees and extended his congratulations and welcome to her.

The President then welcomed Damien Martin, Clerk Assistant, and invited him to make a presentation to the AGM delegates on the role of the Official Opposition.

Attendance Breakdown

The Speaker NIABT President

Roy Beggs MLA NIABT Board
Jonathan Bell MLA NIABT Board
Conor Murphy MLA NIABT Board

Rachel Anderson RES
Norah-Anne Barron Pi Communications, NIABT Board
Marie Doyle Deloitte LLP
Haley Dunne Bombardier
Alison Fleming LK Communications
Meadhbh Keating Fitzpatrick Alliance Party Support
John Friel FSB
Stephen Kelly Manufacturing NI, NIABT Vice-Chair
Joe McDonald Asda
Stan McDowell McDowell Financial Services
Wilfred Mitchell OBE FSB
Anthony Newman Causeway Chamber
John O’Farrell ICTU, NIABT Board
Julia Andrade Rocha PeoplePlus NI
John Rooney Rooney Fish
John Simpson Business Analysis
Alistair Stewart Queen’s University Belfast
Dr Joanne Stuart OBE Catalyst Inc
Barry Turley Turley PR & Public Affairs, NIABT Board

Louise Close NIABT Deputy Secretary
Maeve Donnelly NIABT Secretary
Neal Flanagan Public Engagement Coordinator
Damien Martin Clerk Assistant, Northern Ireland Assembly
Dr Gareth McGrath Director of Parliamentary Services, NIABT Board