24 September 2012

NIABT Board of Trustees’ Meeting
Minutes of Proceedings
Session: 2012/2013
Date: Monday 24 September 2012
Venue: Room 21, Parliament Buildings

The meeting opened in public session at 5:10pm.

Chris Lyttle MLA, Chair
Glyn Roberts, NIIRTA
Leslie Cree MBE MLA
Phil Flanagan MLA
James Devlin, BT
Alec McRitchie, Bombardier Aerospace
John Rooney, Vice Chair
Michael Bell, NI Food and Drink Association
Prof the Hon Dr James Haughey, Norbrook Laboratories
John O’Farrell, NIC-ICTU
Joanne Stuart OBE, Attrus Ltd

In Attendance:
Peter Hall, Secretary
Louise Close, Deputy Secretary
Ivor Gibson, Co-Ordinator
John Stewart, Director of Clerking and Reporting

Robin Newton MLA
David McClarty MLA
Dominic Bradley MLA

  1. Apologies

Apologies are noted above.

  1. Chairperson’s Business

The Chair paid tribute to the outgoing Chair, Robin Newton MLA and the outgoing Vice Chair, Glyn Roberts. He also noted that Stratagem no longer held a position on the Board and noted the good work done by both Katherine McDonald and Grainne Walsh on behalf of Stratagem. The Chair also welcomed Michael Bell to the Board. Michael is representing the NI Food and Drink Association.

  1. Declaration of Interests

Board members did not declare interests in relation to the agenda.

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 21 May 2012

Agreed: The minutes of the meeting were agreed.

  1. Matters arising

The matters arising from the minutes formed substantive agenda items.

  1. Annual Accounts 2011/12:

David Gray from RSM McClure Watters presented the accounts and Trustee Report:

Agreed: The accounts were agreed as true and accurate. John Rooney proposed and Joanne Stuart seconded this.

Board Secretariat will check the rate of interest being paid on the bank account.

  1. Financial update:

The Chair led a discussion detailing the current financial position of the Trust.

Agreed: The Board were content with the financial update.

  1. Strategy:

The Chair led a discussion on a proposed forward work plan for the Trust.

Agreed: The Board agreed to form three sub-groups to focus on three key areas. Sub groups to meet twice per year with the initial meetings to be held during October 2012 if possible. Make up of sub groups as follows:

Recruitment of SMEs

Chris Lyttle MLA
John Rooney
James Devlin
Michael Bell
Leslie Cree MBE MLA

Engagement with larger existing businesses

Chris Lyttle MLA
John Rooney
James Devlin
Leslie Cree MBE MLA

General briefing/event topics

Chris Lyttle MLA
John Rooney
Joanne Stuart OBE
Leslie Cree MBE MLA
Alec McRitchie

Joanne Stuart left the meeting at 5:55pm.

  1. Events:

The Board discussed the list of recent and forthcoming events.

  1. 2012 Westminster Programme:

The Board discussed the upcoming Westminster Programme.

  1. 2012 Brussels Programme:                          

The Board discussed the upcoming Brussels Programme.

  1. Dublin Educational Programme:

The Board discussed the educational programme, which took place in June 2012 in Dublin.

  1. Westminster Educational Programme:

The Board discussed the upcoming educational programme in Westminster.

  1. Brussels Educational Programme:

The Board discussed the upcoming Brussels Educational Programme. Staff from the Northern Ireland Executive Office are currently working on the programme.

John O’Farrell left the meeting at 6:10pm.

Chris Lyttle MLA, Leslie Cree MBE MLA and Phil Flanagan MLA left the meeting at 6:15pm.

The meeting was adjourned until 6:20pm when Chris Lyttle MLA, Phil Flanagan MLA and Leslie Cree MBE MLA rejoined the meeting.

  1. 2013 President’s Dinner:

The Board discussed the President’s Dinner which will take place on 7 March 2013.

Agreed: The Board Secretary has written to Lord Coe to ask him to consider performing guest speaking duties at the President’s Dinner.

  1. Membership applications:

The Board approved five membership applications. The Board also noted that five companies have decided not to renew membership for 2012/13. A further 5 companies have not made their membership contributions for 2012/13 but have indicated that they will do so within the next few days. These five companies will have their membership suspended until such times as they make payment. However, if payment not received by 5th November 2012, this suspension will result in removal.

  1. Membership contributions:

The Board discussed the level of NIABT contribution for annual membership.

Agreed: The Board agreed that membership contributions should remain as they are for the immediate future.

Leslie Cree MBE MLA left the meeting at 6:30pm.

  1. Business Board member badge:

The Board discussed the proposed identification badge sample to be used by business Board members.

Agreed: The Board agreed to proceed with the badge after a few minor amendments are implemented.

  1. Election of Chair and vice-Chair:

The Chair reminded the Board that election for a new Chair and vice Chair will take place in advance of the AGM in May 2013.

  1. Any Other Business:

Several items were discussed by the Board under any other business.

Agreed: A paper on the role of Treasurer will be drafted for the next Board meeting.

A paper providing an update on the website content will be drafted for the next Board meeting.

A business member analysis will be updated and be available for the next Board meeting.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 7:05pm.

Mr Chris Lyttle MLA
Chairperson, Northern Ireland Assembly and Business Trust
24 September 2012