21 May 2012

NIABT Board of Trustees’ Meeting
Minutes of Proceedings
Session: 2012/2013
Date: Mon 21 May 2012
Venue: Room 21, Parliament Buildings

The meeting opened in public session at 5:10pm.

Glyn Roberts Vice Chair
Leslie Cree MLA
Phil Flanagan MLA
Chris Lyttle MLA
James Devlin BT NI
Alec McRitchie Bombardier Aerospace
John Rooney Rooney Fish
Grainne Walsh Stratagem
David McClarty MLA
Lord Ballyedmond
John O’Farrell NIC-ICTU

In Attendance:
Peter Hall Secretary
Louise Close Deputy Secretary
Ivor Gibson Co-Ordinator
John Stewart Director of Clerking and Reporting

Robin Newton MLA Chair
Joanne Stuart Attrus Ltd

1. Apologies

Apologies are noted above.

2. Chairperson’s Business

In the Chair’s absence, Glyn Roberts, Vice Chair, chaired the meeting.

3. Declaration of Interests

Board members did not declare interests in relation to the agenda.

4. Minutes of the meeting held on 6 February 2012

Agreed: The minutes of the meeting were agreed. James Devlin was the proposer and John O’Farrell the seconder.

5. Matters arising

The matters arising from the minutes formed substantive agenda items.

6. Correspondence:

2 items of correspondence were received:

Agreed: Letter to be issued to 121 Dietitian to explain that the networking element of NIABT will become more formalized but that the non-lobbying principles are still to be strictly adhered to.

Letter to be issued to Arthur Cox in response to suggested breakfast event, to consider a joint event on high tech start ups.

Staff to explore the potential for sourcing permanent NIABT Board member badges.

7. Promotional video:

The Board were shown a copy of an NIABT promotional video which has recently been completed.

Agreed: Staff to check if video can be issued to business members.

Staff to check if video can be uploaded on YouTube, considering disabling the comments function.

8. Financial/membership update:

The vice Chair led a discussion detailing the financial position of the Trust and also into options for the membership contribution policy.

Agreed: The Board Secretariat will:

  • Draft a further membership contributions options paper to be distributed to Board members in advance of the next Board meeting.
  • Draft an NIABT strategy once the new Board is in place.

9. Membership Flyer:

The Board agreed to order a new supply of hard copy membership flyers as soon as the membership rates had been confirmed.

10. Underrepresented sectors/areas:

The vice Chair highlighted business sectors and constituencies where the NIABT was underrepresented.

Agreed: The Board Secretariat will incorporate these issues when drafting strategy document.

11. Forward Work Plan:

The Board discussed the Forward Work Plan.

Agreed The Board Secretariat will incorporate these issues when drafting strategy document.

12. Events:

The Board discussed the list of recent and forthcoming events and come to some conclusions which are to be incorporated within the draft strategy document.

Agreed: The Board Secretariat to include the following when drafting strategy document:

Reduce the number of external regional dinners arranged and focus more on partnering with regional organisational events.

13. Dublin Educational Programme:

The Board discussed the upcoming educational programme in Dublin.

14. Westminster Educational Programme:

The Board discussed the upcoming educational programme in Westminster.

15. 2013 President’s Dinner:

The Board discussed the President’s Dinner which will take place on 21 February 2013.

Agreed: The Board Secretariat will propose a guest speaker at the next Board Meeting.

16. AGM and Election Procedure:

The Board discussed the upcoming AGM and election procedure. The positions of Chair and vice Chair will rotate at the AGM.

17. Membership applications:

The Board approved 8 membership applications. The Board also noted that 2 companies have decided not to renew membership for 2012/13.

18. External education programmes (costs)

The Board discussed the level of NIABT subsidy for each of the external education programmes.

Agreed: The Board agreed that each external event should be subsidized to a similar rate.

19. Any Other Business:

The vice Chair noted that Gareth McGrath would be standing down as a Trustee to be replaced by John Stewart who is taking over from Gareth as Director of Outreach and Information.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 6:45pm.

Mr Glyn Roberts
Vice Chairperson, Northern Ireland Assembly and Business Trust
21 May 2012