21 June 2011


Present:          See attached list

In Attendance:        Ivor Gibson, Assembly Secretariat,

1.  NIABT Accounts 2009/2010

A copy of the Trustee’s Report and accounts balance sheet for 2009-2010 was made available to each member for scrutiny. The Speaker invited David Gray from RSM McClure Watters to present the detail of the Accounts. The Speaker noted that the Board approved the content on the Accounts at a Board meeting on 7 November 2011.

It was proposed that FGS McClure Watters be retained as Auditor / Accountant. This motion was proposed by Robin Newton MLA and seconded by John Rooney.

2.  Adopt Minutes 2008

The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting were agreed by the members as a true record of the meeting. This motion was proposed by John Rooney and seconded by Alec McRitchie.

3.  Election of Board of Trustees

Under the NIABT Articles of Association there is a requirement to annually rotate the Trustees to the Board of Trustees. 4 non parliamentarian nominees are to be elected to the Board this year. Glyn Roberts from NIIRTA, William Wright from Wright Group, John Rooney from Rooney Fish and Alec McRitchie from Bombardier Aerospace have retired and been renominated by their companies.

John O’Farrell from ICTU has been co-opted to the Board this year but their co-opted status ends at this AGM.

Election papers were issued to business members last month and as a result Glyn Roberts from NIIRTA, John Rooney from Rooney Fish, Alec McRitchie from Bombardier Aerospace and Joanne Stuart from Attrus were elected to the Board of Trustees.

The Speaker also proposed to co-opt John O’Farrell to represent ICTU on the Board. This was unanimously agreed by the Board of Trustees for 2009-2010 (agreed by a show of hands).

In addition, there are 4 Parliamentarian Members to be elected to the Board of Trustees. Dawn Purvis MLA, Declan O’Loan MLA, Sean Neeson MLA and Paul Butler MLA have been retired at the date of the 2011 Assembly elections.

Sue Ramsey MLA, Dominic Bradley MLA, Chris Lyttle MLA and David McClarty MLA have been nominated by their Parties. (David McClarty to represent smaller Parties and Independents) This was unanimously agreed by the Board of Trustees for 2009-2010 (agreed by a show of hands)

The Chair confirmed the new Board of Trustees as follows:

Chris Lyttle MLA                      Alliance Party
Leslie Cree MLA                      UUP
David McClarty MLA               Independent
Sue Ramsey MLA                   Sinn Fein
Robin Newton MLA                 DUP
Dominic Bradley MLA              SDLP

Gareth McGrath                       Director of Outreach

Lord Ballyedmond                   Norbrook Laboratories

Katherine McDonald                Stratagem

Joanne Stuart                          Attrus

Mr James Devlin                     BT NI

Mr. Alec McRitchie                  Bombardier Aerospace

Mr. John Rooney                     Rooney Fish

Mr. Glyn Roberts                     NI Independent Retail Trade Association


Mr John O’Farrell                    NI-ICTU

4.  AOB

The Speaker informed those present at the AGM that there would be a short recess which would be followed by an address from Minister Arlene Foster MLA.