12 December 2007


Mr. S. Neeson MLA
Mr. L. Cree MLA
Mr. D. O’Loan MLA
Ms. D. Purvis MLA
Mr. W. Wright, Wrightbus Co
Mr. T. Campbell Moy Park Ltd
Ms. K. McDonald Stratagem
Mr. B. Turley, Observer for Lord Ballyedmond

Mr. P. Maskey MLA
Mr. T. Carson BT NI
Mr. A. McRitchie Bombardier Aerospace Ltd

In Attendance:
Kate McCullough, External Liaison Unit

1. Note from previous meeting (7.11.07)

Since there was not a quorum at this meeting there was a general roundtable discussion. The notes and outcome of the meeting were circulated for information and both Mr. Campbell and Mr. Cree agreed the note.

2. Strategic Planning – Away Day

The Board were informed on the strategic development event which would be to

  • review objectives
  • develop actions to engage with the business sector
  • develop actions to engage with parliamentarians
  • develop programmes

The Board were informed this would take place on the 31st January 2008 at the Hilton Hotel, Templepatrick. After discussion a one day event was chosen in preference to two days.

Action: To inform members of strategic planning event and prepare a programme for the day, for circulation

3. Review of Seminars

The success of the series of seminars run through the autumn was noted. It was suggested that they should be held on a regular basis – up to 3 times a year and advertised more widely to engage a larger audience

The Board went on to agree a number of actions:-

  • a survey of the business sector – to find out what they can offer in education programmes and what they would like to learn about the NI Assembly
  • a survey of MLAs – to find out what education programmes they would like to see developed
  • a communication strategy
  • feedback sheets

Some key themes were identified in relation to the education programmes:

Educational Themes
  • Education
  • Training
  • Fellowships
  • Debates
  • Understanding Europe
  • Approaches to small businesses
4. Speaker’s Dinner

The Board was asked to consider a theme for the Speaker’s Dinner on 7 February 2008 and to identify those who should be invited. There was agreement that business development, enterprise park and education and training representatives should also be invited.

It was agreed the main objectives of the Dinner should include:

  • Increase understanding of the aims and objectives of NIABT
  • Engage with the business sector
  • Encourage new membership
  • Build new ideas/programmes
  • Facilitate the business sector understanding of the NI Assembly

It was agreed the overarching theme would be skills and employment

Action:Board Members to suggest guests by Tuesday 2 January 2008

5. IABP Conference

Feedback was given on the IABP conference including a report by the other international Industry and Parliament organisations.

6. Future Meetings

It was agreed that future meetings would be bi-monthly and to be scheduled for a Wednesday with a 5pm start.

7. Action: Dates of next future meetings to be circulated.