10 September 2008


1. Present:
Mr. Sean Neeson MLA, Ms Katherine McDonald Stratagem; Dr. Gareth McGrath Northern Ireland Assembly; Helen Gregory Bombardier Aerospace; William Wright Wrightbus Co; Dawn Purvis MLA, Barry Turley Norbook Laboratories

Patricia McKeown NI-ICTU, Alec McRitchie (proxy Helen Gregory) – Bombardier Aerospace; Lord Ballyedmond (proxy Barry Turley) – Norbook Laboratories; Tom Carson BT, Jennifer McCann MLA, Declan O’Loan MLA, Robin Newton MLA, Leslie Cree MLA, Trefor Campbell Moy Park Ltd.

In Attendance:
Sheila McClelland NI Assembly, Kate McCullough NI Assembly

2. Adoption of previous minutes

The draft minutes of the 9 July were proposed by William Wright and seconded by Katherine McDonald.

3. Matters arising

It was agreed that the website costs should be incurred by the Northern Ireland Assembly with the future work being carried out by the staff of the NIABT.

Action: IT to be approached for domain name and design of website

All other matters arising formed substantive agenda items.

4. Co-option of new Director

Board of Trustees approved the co-option of Dr. Gareth McGrath Director of Outreach and Engagement for the NI Assembly to the Board of Trustees.

5. Business Plan

Board Members approved the draft business plan for the Northern Ireland Assembly with a number of small changes to the timetable in relation to the European visit being rolled forward until year 3.

Action: Change European visit and send approved paper to Board Members
6. Fellowships

The Board members were informed of the development of the Fellowship programmes which included:

  • Mr. Simon Hamilton MLA – 2 days at Belfast International Airport
  • Mr. Johnathan Craig MLA – 5 days at BT
7. Programmes

The Board members were informed of the education programmes which had been held:

  • Introduction to the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Moy Park – Globalisation and Agri-Food
8. AOB

The Board were informed that the Annual General Meeting would be held on Wednesday 10 December 7.00 pm

Date of Next Meeting: 12 November 2008 at 5pm